⭐️New⭐️Reverse Coloring Book now available!

⭐️Creativity is a Practice! My brand new Reverse Coloring Book is a creative workbook for all ages ⭐

During the pandemic, I started painting again for fun as a regular practice. It gave me something to look forward to and I noticed an interesting style developing as I worked every evening. I got more comfortable with beginning a new piece, not thinking too much about the outcome. I would just start, enjoying the process of watching the art unfold. This gave me so much confidence! I was able to trust my instincts a little more, listening to what felt right to me-I found my artistic voice. 

I hope this book helps you to explore your own authentic voice and gives you the confidence to take some creative risks. Keep going, practice often and see where it takes you!

💡How it works💡

The book contains 10 of my vibrant watercolor backgrounds, You Draw the Lines! There is no wrong way-draw what you love & find your unique creative magic. I’ve included a few pages of tips, techniques and inspiration to get you started 

This book is available on my website: www.RachelCPottery.com.

Wholesalers, find me on Faire! https://www.faire.com/brand/b_bt9tvn2n3h

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