'Lovely Town' to be displayed in new Wilson Tower hospital addition!

Our local health system has built a brand new six-story, state-of-the-art Main Tower addition to the hospital, celebrating their Grand Opening this week. 

In planning for this new space, they put out a Call to Local Artists to submit work that would enhance the overall patient experience and promote healing.

I created a special (large scale for me) ‘Lovely Town’ painting and I am so thrilled that it was included in the project. Not all the work has been hung yet, I’ll be back to see Lovely Town when it’s on display in the coming months. 

It’s really wonderful to see businesses making an effort to purchase original artwork to enhance their spaces and find value in living and working among the art. 

For a full news story on this project and a list of all artists with work in the collection:https://www.nyuhs.org/wilson-project/local-and-regional-artwork-displayed-throughout-wilson-main-tower?fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTAAAR3RRxdwYniztZpsbcc4RN5AbdtDHb_lGtWjU4y4fepwI5zJcCddfLBC8qU_aem_ASEJu7gp6NS8_1q91LxugRPRHpZnQIJl0U2pkEGfQmfk2U6SRmO5TMaG0WH4MBbULwvjpoJlBHqbMOpPWBhdDxOz

Many thanks to United Health Services for this extraordinary opportunity!

Lovely Town

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