About the Artist

My earliest memory of being creative is when I was very young, maybe 7 or 8 years old. As the oldest, I would persuade my younger siblings to participate in coloring contests where I would be the judge and always win. My mother owned a small boutique and we would hide in the fitting room, coloring away and eating cheese puffs while she closed the shop. I continued filling many sketchbooks throughout my childhood and went on to art school, receiving my BFA in Surface Pattern Design from Syracuse University. I now work as a ceramic artist and illustrator (and sometimes a coloring contest judge). Many of my illustrations have been featured on giftwrap and gift bags in store like Target, Walmart, Barnes & Noble and TJ Maxx, my ceramic work has been exhibited in juried shows locally and nationally. I live in Upstate NY with my husband, our 3 children, and a puppy who takes me for long walks. I work from my home studio and I’m also a member of my local community ceramics center. The conversation and friendships with other artists enriches my creative curiosity, while the solo time at home gives me the space to work out my ideas.

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t interested in making, I have a constant drive to create. It stems from a small spark, a seed of an idea grows in my head and works its way through my heart and my hands. Often these ideas serve as a creative funnel, allowing me to process emotions or situations in my life. This process is magic to me, I love watching the work evolve. My love of color & pattern have found a happy home on my pot surfaces. My surface designs draw from my interest in plants and flowers, colors that make me happy, creatures and characters of my own invention, along with patterns and textures to compliment those designs. I hope the viewer gets a sense of my presence in the work and the time and love I pour into each piece. My intention is that each piece brings the user a mindful experience, creating a deeper connection to your enjoyment of that meal, that day, and that moment. 

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