Tiptoe Rabbit Handmade Ceramic Oval Vase, Serving Vessel


'Tiptoe Rabbit' vase: white stoneware clay, assembled from wheelthrown and handbuilt parts. Original design drawn and painted with underglaze, with handcarved details and sliptrailing.

I've been exploring this Rabbit design as a series, which started with the painting in the last photo. I'm drawn to the idea of this very patient Rabbit, taking his time to study and appreciate the world around him as it grows and changes. This piece depicts a daytime/wildflower side, and a nighttime/stars and moon side with delicate lavendar flower details on each corner.

This piece is approximately 4” tall x 5”wide x 9” deep. It functions as a centerpiece/dining room decor vessel, or as a vase.

Glaze is food safe, ok to use in microwave or dishwasher. But to protect and maintain finish and surface decoration, hand washing is best.

This one of a kind item ships for Free!

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